Warm up


Most top level athletes perform some kind of warm up and cool down routine during their training sessions and competitions. This however is almost non-existent among bboys and streetstylers. I rarely see anyone actually warm up thoroughly to get their body and mind ready for heavy training.  Most of us just start busting moves and rounds and little by little increase difficulty and intensity. I used to warm up like this too. The problem is that this kind of “warm up” is very risky and won`t help you achieve the desired results.  I can`t even remember how many times I injured myself before breaking a sweat or even when I thought I was already warm. I have twisted my ankle in top rock, strained my shoulder doing baby freeze and pulled my groin doing windmill. Luckily we can learn from our mistakes and change our habits.

The first 15-20 minutes of trying to avoid injury can actually be turned into something effective and beneficial. With proper warm up you can use the time to gain more strength, endurance, mobility and technique. It`s up to you!

Main reasons for warm up

1. Prevent injury
2. Improve range of motion in joints
3. Improve speed and strength during the session
4.  Improve energy production and efficiency
5. Mental preparation: Time to clear the head from unnecessary thoughts and focus on skills, strategy and technique