SSCT -Head Instuctors:


Johannes “Hatsolo” Hattunen (Coach/Founder)
• Training for Warriors Level 2.instructor (TFW / Martin Rooney)
• Spartan Functional / Fighter Training Level 1. instructor (SPARTAN GEAR)
• Gym Trainer (FAF)
• Personal Trainer (FAF)

Johannes ”Hatsolo” Hattunen is one of elite B-boys (breakdancers) in the world. He has competed, judged and performed in many of the world´s major breaking events such as R16 Korea, IBE, Rock Steady Crew Anniversary, UK B-boy Championships and Circle Kingz. Hatsolo is know from his hard training sessions and  powerful style on the dance floor.

Hatsolo. Flow Mo Crew. Finland. Beast. One of my favourite bboys right now. Classic style with a modern flair. Character and presence for days!!” -Dj Renegade, UK




Petri “Lil´p” Rasanen (Coach/Founder)
• Coach Academy Finland Level 1. (Kehäkarhut / SLU)
• Finnish Weight Lifting Association Level-2 Coach (SPNL)
• Olympic weightlifting instructor (SPNL)
• Training for Warriors Level 1.instructor (TFW / Martin Rooney)
• Spartan Kettle Bell Level 1.instructor (SPARTAN GEAR)
• Spartan Functional / Fighter Training Level 1. instructor (SPARTAN GEAR)
• IKSA Fighter Line Level 1 instructor (IKSA)
• Defendo Combat Tech instructor (DEFENDO ALLIANCE)
• Movement & Mobility Trainer Course (Jami Tikkanen & MobilityWOD)
• West Side Barbell Seminar (Sakari Selkäinaho)
• Speed Training Seminar (TFW / Martin Rooney)

Petri ”Lil´p” Rasanen is one of the physical training pioneers for dancers in Finland. He has several years of experience in Functional Training, Martial Arts and B-boying. Petri is a Defendo & Kettle bell instructor at Järvenpään Kehäkarhut. He is also physical coach for the Flow Mo Crew and Finland’s #1 female tennis player Piia Suomalainen.  – My goal is to make better, stronger and healthier dancers and athletes.



SSCT – Advisors:


Jaakko Savolahti / Helsinki Paleo (Nutrition Advisor)

Jaakko Savolahti
Jaakko is a Helsinki based personal trainer and the founder of Helsinki Paleo. He is an expert on paleo nutrition and has held several seminars and lectures in Finland. In his own coaching he specializes in holistic approach to health and fitness through nutrition, lifestyle, movement quality and injury prevention. Jaakko is also the co-host of the popular Helsinki Paleo Podcast with Dr. Olli Sovijärvi.

Certified Personal Trainer
Certified MovNat Trainer
CrossFit Movement and Mobility trainer
Licentiate of Technology