Rock the Bells: Kettlebell training


Kettlebell training is getting more and more popular all over the world. Many top athletes and trainers have been using kettlebells in their training programs for years now. Kettlebells are extremely versatile, fun, effective and inexpensive compared to high-end fitness machines. You can work on variety of physical qualities such as speed, explosiveness, muscular endurance, coordination, control and stability just to name a few. Most of the kettlebell exercises are full body exercises so you really save time and get a killer workout at the same time. Kettlebell session also gives you enormous feeling of accomplishment, nothing feels better than lifting, throwing and slamming some heavy iron. Gyms are constantly adding more and more kettlebells to their equipment arsenal so no matter where you are, kettlebells are pretty easily accessible.

Three reason to start rocking Kettlebells:

1. Effective and Time efficient: Full body exercises, intense workouts with one tool.

2. Fun: Smash, Slam, Throw and Lift. Guaranteed feeling of action packed training.

3. Versatile: Train indoors and outdoors. Kettlebells can be used for all areas of physical conditioning.


If you don´t find kettlebells in your local sports store check out the Spartan web shop->


SSCT recomends quality Russian Orginal kettlebels instead of regular iron/vinyl coated kettlebells.

Why Russian Orginals?
– The handle and the bell are always the same size despite the weight of the KB. Therefore technique remains the same when moving onto heavier weights.
– Better balance and more space for hand placement than in a regular kettlebells.
– Ideal for outdoors training. Throw, Slam and Smash the Russian Orginals but not the basic iron one´s because they will break down more easy!

B-boy Focus shows an example of how to throw KB! Photo by Jussi Sirviö.


Hatsolo “The White Gorilla” with one handed throw. Photo by Jussi Sirviö.

What size?
A good starting weight is for
Men 12kg – 16kg
Women 8kg – 12kg

Here you can find the SSCT Kettlebell tutorial videos 1 & 2

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