Is a Helsinki based coaching team and it wants to provide The Ultimate Speed, Strength and Conditioning Training for B-boys, B-girls, Street Stylers, Dancers and for You!

SSCT is a specialized conditioning system created for the needs of all dancers especially street style dancers. Dancing is physically as demanding as any sport but compared to any professional sports or athletics there is a serious lack of knowledge in strength and conditioning training. Understanding the professional approach to training is the key element to improve physical performance and therefore is essential to reaching new levels in your dance and expression.

Do you want to be more confident, healthy and get the best out of yourself? Do you want to achieve real results and longevity? SSCT is here to help and motivate you to do all this and achieve even more. The world is yours and its your time to take control. It´s up to You!

SSCT stands for
Strong Foundation : Building proper qualities in strength, technique and understanding about training is needed to achieve any real results safely.

Continuity and Periodization: In order to get results, training needs to be continuous and well planned over time. Big things can happen only if even the smallest things are done right.

Specialization and Individualization: Everyone has different goals and demands in life. Like life, training also needs to be individualized and it has to provide adequate variety in training methods to keep up the motivation and to match each persons individual needs.

Progressive overload: Body adapts fast to ongoing training. That´s why more powerful training stimulus is needed in order to maintain improvement.

Proper nutrition and recovery: Proper nutrition and recovery are the key elements to successful training and results. These elements are necessary for improving body composition, physical performance, heart condition and gaining other positive health benefits.

Positive attitude and strive for success: Everything is about you. If you are willing to recognize this and work towards set goals with positive and open mind, no one can stop you!

SSCT is for Bboys & Bgirls, Street Stylers, dancers and
– Everyone who wants to lose fat, build muscle and improve physical performance and health.
– Everyone who is new to physical training or needs help to boost their current exercise routines.
– Everyone who wants to be faster and stronger both physically and mentally.
– Everyone who is willing to take control of their own life and realizes that it`s up to you to make it better.